Eric Steele is TITAN, a super-powered warrior with great strength, bulletproof armor, and the ability to make weapons at will from supernatural elements living in his bones.

TITAN: Book One

Eric Steele is a superhero called Titan... 


He just doesn’t know it yet.


Titan’s powers consist of liquid metal baked into his bones, which he can draw around himself into a suit of adaptive fiber-weave material that makes him strong and allows him to forge weapons and other tools with his will.


For over a thousand years, the warriors who were called Titan fought the war between good and evil. Then Titan disappeared… the line was broken.


Until now.


When Titan’s power resurfaces inside Eric Steele, he must learn the true history of his family and what really happened to his sister, who should have been the superhero. Meanwhile, a rogue military group and its manipulative Colonel want Titan’s power. They have kidnapped Eric’s best friend, Jim, and threatened both of their families. Eric must embrace the responsibility thrust upon his shoulders or deny a destiny that wasn’t his in the first place.

TITAN: Book Two

The 2ND book in the TITAN Saga...


After a fatal confrontation against Titan’s enemies at his senior prom, Eric Steele left his loved ones and home behind. Broken and lost, he now struggles to understand the frightening new world he inhabits and searches for the meaning behind his mystifying powers and alter-ego.


Tim and Nancy Steele try to pick up the pieces in Eric’s absence while confronting their history of secrets. But a dangerous threat has surfaced on the streets of Washington, D.C. and back country neighborhoods of Northern Virginia. Young college students are disappearing and Tim senses supernatural motives behind the kidnappings. Teaming up with Eric’s old flame, Rose, he works to find the missing students and uncover the plot behind their capture.


Meanwhile, Eric is drawn to a mysterious small town surrounded by dark woods where the ultimate evil threatens to destroy existence. Titan is the only one standing between mankind and the destruction of reality. But against evil this strong Titan’s power alone may not be enough.


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